Great looking nails – an easy step by step guide – The Beauty Biz

Featured article Simple steps to give yourself a beautiful manicure Author: Donna Kelly April 23 2007 One of life’s little pleasures is having great looking nails. There’s just something about looking down at your hands and staring at a beautiful manicure. It’s really not that difficult. Our simple step by step guide shows you how. … Read more

Beauty through the ages – the Conservative Fifties – The Beauty Biz

Featured article An era of poodle skirts, halter-tops and saddle shoes Author: Charlotte Kuchinsky May 4 2008 As a Baby Boomer born in 1950, I know the fashion, hairstyles, and fads of that era like the back of my hand. The 50’s were ultra conservative for the most part. Women dressed like women and men … Read more